Everybody is “Gifted”.

I strongly believe in people natural Talent and that one of the most important part of our lives, is to discover it and use it.

Concentrate on what you do well and you’ll do outstanding. Believe in yourself and always remember that your beliefs can change your life. Create your own world, you are unique.


Conferences & Videos

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Conference Participation as a Speaker

  • Recruitment and Selection 3.0 – World Trade Center, 2013 Mexico City
  • Zona Jobs – Employer Branding (main speaker), 2012 Mexico City
  • Expotalento, Colombia 2011
  • HR Summit, Bancomer Center, 2010 Mexico City
  • Human Capital, Bancomer Center, 2010 Mexico City
  • TEC de Monterrey, 2009 Mexico City
  • Great Place To Work®, 2008 Monterrey 
  • HR Summit, Sheraton Historic Center, 2008 Mexico City 
  • Human Capital Expo, Word Trade Center, 2008 Mexico City 
  • AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce), 2008 Mexico City 
  • AMEDIRH (Mex. Assoc. of HR Directors) Event, 2008 Mexico City 
  • HR Best Practices, roundtable with Adela Micha, 2008 Morelos
  • TEC of Monterrey 07, Monterrey

Who am I?

My extensive experience of over 20 years of having worked in many countries and having gained corporate experience in all of the different Executive positions I have been as an Executive Committee member has given me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and become adaptable to many diverse cultures. All this has made me become a global professional.

I have two academic degrees in the area of Management and Economics, as well as in the Tourism and Hotel sector. I have also reached the rank of Master NLP, with a duration of 2 years at the prestigious NLP and Coaching Institute of California preceded by Robert Dilts, a prominent worldwide consultant in this area.

In addition to my training in Business and Psychology, I received my certification as a Co-Active Coach through CTI - the Coaches Training Institute® (USA) and ICF - International CoachesFederation® (USA). Through this knowledge I grew stronger as an Executive Coach and Life Coach, achieving fast and effective results with different clients.

I have a Diploma of Science Talent Analyst offered by the University of Talent of the Talent Plus company in Nebraska (USA).

Throughout my corporate and personal career, I spearheaded, facilitated and designed various trainings of different topics. The skills acquired as an International Facilitator opened the doorsto become a Public Speaker at national and international events.



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